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  • Woody Lajara

June 2019 Missionary Letter

Beloved in the Lord:

It is with a very special love that we dedicated this time to write to you all about WHAT THE LORD IS DOING IN OUR MINISTRY. These last five months have been very busy for us; I think that I have finished with my medical complications with the last surgery in February. The urologist has released me for the moment and has given me the "OK" news to travel; my first trip will be next week to Guatemala, to meet and teach with two different groups of students.

Another good experience of this time time was to finish my "first book." Many persons have asked me to write the history of our ministry in the continent of Latin America. Well, I have dedicated time to write it and it was published on April. By the way, I received the first published copy on my "birthday." The book's title: EVANGELISMO EXPLOSIVO EN AMERICA LATINA, UN CONCEPTO CREATIVO PARA ALCANZAR ALMUNDO. Also during those days when we celebrated my birthday, Carmen and I received the news of the birth of our first "great grandchild." He was born on "Palm Sunday," April 14th. His name is Isahia James, Praise the Lord!

Students in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

The ministry continues well with the direction from the Father. In Argentina, Guillermo DiGiovanna started two more study groups as part of our "Virtual Theological Seminary Juan Knox." The same experience happened in Bogota, Colombia where Dr. Pablo Mendez started another Study Group with several new students. If it is the will of the Lord, I will joing them in another meeting in the month of October.

The Seminary E.C.E.T.E. in Cuba continues to work preparing over 300 students to become pastors and church leaders in the churches involved in the Communist Island. We started that seminary about five years ago with over 400 students. By the blessing of the Father, this Seminary was accepted and approved officially by the government of the Island. We praise the Lord for that opportunity. Please pray for the faculty, key leaders whom I trained in Reformed Theology and church planting.

Please pray for our work, God continues providing good opportunities for witnessing, church planting and preparing new leaders to become pastors and key leaders in the planting churches program in the continent. Several churches have planted in Cuba and they are going well in their development. Those new pastors are leaders that have been trained in E.C.E.T.E.

If it is the will of the Lord it is our plans to go to the WORLD REFORMED FELLOWSHIP BOARD MEETING in Jakarta, Indonesia at the month of August. As you all know around 25 years ago, God gave the direction of the organization of the W.R.F. to three of us, (Dr. Rick Perrin (Already with the Lord), Dr. Paul Gilchrist and to myself). Today this organization covers more than 700 Reformed Leaders from around the Globe. In our meetings we discuss very important issues concerning the continue development of our REFORMED THEOLOGY around the world. Please pray for us as we come together in Jakarta in the month of August.

Once again I request your prayers for my health, and for the continuing development of our ministry in Latin America and other parts of the world. Pray for our support, we need fund for the different meeting with leaders in the continent and other parts of the world. Pray for our TEAM: GUILLERMO, PABLO MENDEZ, PAUL GILCHRIST, ISRAEL MARTIN, JUAN DIEGO VALLEJOS, DAVID GOMEZ, DANIEL MORALES, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

In Him,

Woody and Carmen Lajara

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