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  • Woody Lajara

January 2020 Newsletter

If it is the will of the Lord this coming Sunday, I will take off toward Villaermosa, Tabasco Mexico where I will be teaching two courses in a "Presential Seminary" as part of our program for Mexico. If it will be the will of the Lord Dr. Pablo Mendez, one of our faculty members, will be helping with the teahcing in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

It is our responsibility to teach two courses in Villahermosa; one course will be: "Construyendo Su Teologia", which I will be teaching, and the other course will be "Creemos en Jesus", taught by Dr. Pablo Mendez.

Then Dr. Pablo will return to Mexico city to join his family and I will continue toward Las Margaritas, Chiapas, where I will be teaching both courses by myself, since brother Guillermos Salinas will not be with us due to his last medical report from his doctor. Last week the medical team performed an exploratory surgery on him to check for some possible cancer. The report came back with not good news, he has to start on some treatment with chemotherapy soon. Please, pray for Guillermo and his wife Jennie and the children as they go through that experience. He was ready to go to Villahermosa and Las Margaritas, but it looks like that I will have to take those responsibilities at this moment. Please pray for them and also pray for me as I continue fulfilling the plans that the Lord has put into our hands.

Sincerely in Jesus

Woody and Carmen Lajara

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