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December 2019 Newsletter

Beloved in the Lord,

I dedicate this time to send to you all some news regarding our missionary work in our Latin America and other parts of the world. In the last couple of months we have been facing different important issues in our work. First we were able to officially register our virtual seminary with the State of Georgia. In order to operate officially, we praise the Lord because He provided the lawyer (brother Mr. Jack Wilson) who took care of putting together all of the official information to be presented to the State of Georgia. This is done and now we are legal, praise the Lord. We have put in place the proper Board of Directors: Dr. Charles Donahoo, Dr. Paul Gilchrist, Dr. Dennis Bennet, Dr. Ernesto Humeniuk, Dr. Woody Lajara, Dr. Pablo Mendez and Dr. Linda Harley. We do praise the Lord for this group of evangelical leaders that decided to serve as our Board of Directors.

We continue with the development of the ministry. We are having group of students in Colubia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina, and in Spain. Recemtly we had a very good group of students in Bogota, Colombia and in Guatemala. Praise the Lord!

The students in Guatemala are part of the student body at a local Bible Institute that have adopted our program in combination with their curriculum. Most of them are from the Central America denomination and are very active in our program. In the last few years we have graduated several key leaders that are already full-time in the ministry. Praise the Lord!

The group in Bogota is more advanced in their age. Most of them are pastors already involved in the different ministries. Many of them have already finished their university degrees, but they want to be deeply involved in the actual ministry in different denominations. One of them is a Cardiologist acting as a Pastor in a local church. We praise the Lord for this group composed with individuals from the different areas of life, but they are very interested in studying theology. Praise the Lord!

We praise the Lord for the new team members, Guillermo and Jennie Salinas whom will be in charge of the development of the ministry in Mexico. Guillermo and I will be involved in a very special meeting with key leaders, presidents of the different Presbyterian Seminaries in Mexico, there are 12 of them.

The meeting occurred on the 21st of November in Villahermosa, Tobasco Mexico. We discussed the great possibilities of helping those seminaries in Mexico to adapt our virtual studies. Please pray for the continuation of this work.

Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf, we need them in order to continue doing the ministry that the Lord has called us to do.

Any financial contribution to our ministry you may send it to REF (PEF) 425 State St. Suite 312, Bristol, VA 24207.

Thank you so much and may God continue blessing you and your family.

In Him,

Woody & Carmen Lajara

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